Borderlands pre sequel discount

borderlands pre sequel discount

Vault Hunters turn down elitepartner unter 30 rabatt her hospitality, all bets are off. I Gave My Word : If you destroy his crappy murderous robot, he'll be furious but is still forced to pay you for helping him build. More than just a pretty. The Pre-Sequel even shows Tassiter being strangled on-screen by Jack during the game's ending, making it absolutely clear that he's dead. Not So Different : Shortly after Jack throws his scientists out the airlock on vague suspicions one of them might be a traitor, Zarpedon calls him up to praise him for it, saying she would have done the same and that he made the right. Morality Pet : She's this in a way to the Pre-Sequel protagonists, particularly Nisha since she's one of the few people she actually kind of likes due to the fact that she can be quite vindictive.

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Regenerating Shield, Static Health : One of the biggest problems during the first fight against him. He then tries to shoot Jack. Benevolent Boss : Despite her status as a Well-Intentioned Extremist, she's quite friendly to her own men. The Voice : In Borderlands 2, he was simply a voice in the Jack echo Logs. When it turns out that the "cuties" are actually Torks (giant bugs she orders you to murder them all. This, just after Colonel Zarpedon has told everyone they're all going to die and how sorry she is about that. Animesque : Her cartoon avatar on the medical vending machine is a manga version of herself, in contrast to Ned and Zed's mortally wounded anthropomorphic syringe. Jack, on the other hand, becomes gradually less self-aware and more megalomaniacal until he's a terrifying, delusional, dictatorial lunatic. Others seem sad he's gone. Retailers, distributors and employees of nvidia, 2K Games, and their agencies/affiliates are not eligible. Promotional code expires 31st October 2014.